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    The Hill Foundation is a UK registered charity which provides scholarships for outstanding young citizens of the Russian Federation who wish to study at Oxford University. In addition to scholarships provided by the Hill Foundation alone, a number of the Scholarships for post graduates are provided in partnership with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office such as Hill Foundation Chevening Scholarships (see below under "Procedure for Scholarships").The Trustees favour candidates who have demonstrated, at school and University in Russia, extremely high academic ability and also personal and social qualities of a high order.

    They are looking for young people who intend to develop their careers at home in Russia and who indicate in their application that they wish to spend their lives in ways beneficial to the society of Russia, whether in business, academic life, public service, the arts or the professions.There is no restriction as to the field of study or area of specialisation in which the scholarships are held. The scholarships may be held for one, two or three years (depending on the course chosen) but the grants for the second and third years are subject to satisfactory progress.

    The Hill Foundation will pay all educational costs, including University and College fees, laboratory fees (where relevant), and any other necessary fees. In addition the Scholars are provided with a maintenance allowance of £8,750 (2004 rate) which is adequate to cover college accommodation during the academic year. The Foundation will also cover the costs of necessary travel between Russia and Oxford up to a maximum of £1,000 p.a.





    For students and staff of the Russian universities listed below, we are pleased to announce the availability of an eBook collection of nearly 500 titles which fall within the ORF library list in eBook format for students and staff to read and print from computer screens in the university and in their homes.

    The complete ORF Library list contains hot links to the eBook collection, where applicable.

    The eBook collection is provided free of charge to students and staff within our University scheme. It is intended in the future to expand the number of titles in the eBook collection and expand the number of universities at which students and university staff can freely access the collection (currently only 10 Russian universities have been provided with this eBook collection) but we will need to see how the current eBook collection is used before devoting more resources to it.

    The eBook collection is accessed by the students and staff of the above universities via an internet platform operated by MyiLibrary (on our behalf), which provides eContent collections to universities worldwide.

    Access to the eBook collection is achieved by clicking on the following link:



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